At Lekker Style, we offer a number of material options on the various products produced.   Some of the most common questions we receive are regarding details on the materials used.


Cotton Twill

Twill fabric is very durable, due to the way it is woven and is a subtle weave that gives the material a depth not achieved with a flat weave and printed pattern. It shows less dirt or wear and tear than fabrics with a flat texture or sheen. Twill fabrics also tend to be more wrinkle-resistant than others.

Cotton twill is quite versatile, and is used in the production of a number of our  items including pillows, place mats and tea towels.



Faux Linen

Made from durable and easy to clean polyester, this large weave fabric is a popular option for pillows where texture is important to the customer. The faux linen offered by our studio is made to replicate the linen look of homespun linen gauze. The fabric almost has the appearance of grass cloth due to the large weave but has the feeling of a soft luxury fabric to the touch.


Poly Poplin

Polyester Poplin, commonly called “spun poly” is a strong fabric with a plain cross weave. The poly poplin material we use is a soft texture and wrinkle resistant fabric. All products made from this material are washable (machine wash on cold) and can be ironed. Polyester poplin is extremely durable which is why we use it on our totes, pouches and ottomans!


Faux Suede

Faux suede is a man made polyester fabric created to closely imitate real suede which make the products using this material much easier to clean and maintain. The easiest way to describe faux suede is that it’s an extremely heavyweight microfiber.

Being “Made In The USA” is an important part of what our company is about. The USA has so many talents in the textile industry from production to design that we feel strongly about making as many products in the USA as possible. Almost all of our fabrics and materials are produced in the USA and all printing and stitching is done in American factories. The only items we offer that are imported are products that are pre-finished blanks and then printed on such as shower curtains, bath mats and some fleece blankets.